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Worker with Ladder


Workathons, or Rent-A-Rower is our annual fundraiser where the URI team comes to your house to do work for you. We do everything: leaf cleanups, garage cleanups, moving furniture, etc. to raise money for the team! While mostly offered during the Fall season (September to December), we have limited workthons offered in the early Spring.

We are able to operate anywhere in the southeastern part of Rhode Island (within a 30-minute drive of URI).

How do you sign up for this? Contact our Workathon Email at Make sure to provide:

1. An address

2. What you need to be done

3. How long you think it will take

4. How many rowers you need

Thats it! We charge $20.00 per rower per hour, and all these proceeds go to funding our season.


Why do it yourself when we can do it for you?

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